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Red LED helmet to control hair loss

Red LED helmet to control hair loss
Photo courtesy: Aderans

By BizLED Bureau

Nov 28, 2016: Hair loss is a common problem worldwide, but in some places, this problem is serious. One such country is Japan where more than 18 million people suffer from hair loss problem, which is at least three times more than that in the US.

To address this problem, a Japan-based company came up with an innovative solution to regenerate hair growth with the help of LEDs. The company invented a red LED helmet.

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Aderans, the Japan-based hair care device manufacturer developed the LED helmet HairRepro LED Premium that stimulates hair follicles with red light to increase hair growth and stop hair fall. It uses 80 red LEDs with a wavelength of 630 nanometers to stimulate hair growth. Red LED light goes deep into the skin, and reaches hair follicles to facilitate growth.

Aderans explained that users would have to apply Microgen paste on the head and massaging thoroughly before putting on the LED helmet for the process to work well. The helmet does not causes any damage, and has no side effects, claims the company.

The device weighs only 560 gm, and can be paired with other hair equipment. It has a touch control design, dual color options, and in-built lithium battery requires four hours for charging using USB connector to power nine treatments that last 20 minutes per session.

The LED helmet cost 135,000 Japanese Yen (US $1191.40) and the helmet size can be adjusted up to 15 mm range.

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