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Replaceable drivers can make LED tubes more reliable and cost-effective

By BizLED Bureau

September 2, 2015: According to the US Department of Energy, over 2.3 billion T12, T8, and T5 fluorescent tubes are found in American properties, including commercial and residential buildings. All these need to be replaced by LED tubes as fluorescent lights are being phased out.

How to make LED tubes efficient

The efficient new generation LED tubes will not only pave way for energy saving opportunities but also high return on investment (ROI). However, the major challenge the buyers face is to choose the best from among a wide range of different categories of LED tubes being offered by a good number of manufacturers.

A perfect and efficient LED driver is a major component in making an LED tube efficient. When a driver fails, the whole tube needs to be discarded.

LED tubes are found with either internal driver or external driver. But heat is the enemy of the LEDs, so manufacturers are working continuously to develop LED tubes that either dissipate or manage the heat efficiently. The drivers that power the tubes are itself a source of heat that needs to be managed.

With several advancements, a new type of LED tubes are found with significant improvement over the regular internal parallel driver, or the thermal isolated end cap driver LED tubes that are also commonly used. External driver tubes may be good for applications of long hours of operation as external drivers completely separate the heat from the LEDs. However, there is still a challenge with these external drivers. These external drivers are costlier than the internal drivers for LED tubes.

The new modular LED driver replacement options

DK LED of USA is taking the lead on an advanced LED tube technology. DK LED has developed state-of-the-art internal driver LED tubes with 140 lumens/watt and thermal isolation replaceable end cap drivers, which are called replaceable driver system or RDS.

With a replaceable driver system, the LED driver can be replaced easily without the need to discard the whole LED tube if the driver fails. Also, as diode performance in lumen per watt is increasing, the printed circuit board is also becoming replaceable for some products.

The new modular LED driver replacement option is providing opportunities to make the LED tubes more efficient. This technology may become the new standard for LED tube efficiency and make them cost-effective.

For more info: www.independenceled.com/DK-LED-USA

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