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Safety should be the priority in retrofitting LED lighting

Safety should be the priority in retrofitting LED lighting

By BizLED Bureau

 Aug 18, 2017: LEDs have taken over the lighting market due to its energy efficient benefits. Hence, more and more people are installing LED lighting in their homes, offices and factories. In such rapid switchover from traditional lighting to LEDs, most people are just concerned about how quickly they can get the job done rather than completing the task in the right and safe manner.

The safety factor is extremely crucial when it comes to retrofitting LED bulbs. It is important to pay attention to what you buy and, most importantly, know about the right installation process. In a rush to switchover to LED lighting, people do not pay attention to standards and are not aware of the fact they should only buy certified products, thus leading to accidents or poor performance of the products.

Right inspection of retrofits

It is found that many commercial and industrial customers are offered tax incentives and rebates to switchover to LED lighting. However, the main concern is that such replacement takes place without any permits or inspections.

Electric utility companies should be pushed to make permits information an important part of the rebate and tax submittals. In this way, right inspection of retrofits will take place.

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However, the safety requirement should not be limited to LEDs. As lighting fixtures are omnipresent, it is extremely significant to pay attention to them as well. Companies need to check whether the equipment is UL approved or not. Most importantly, they should see to it that the UL approval is genuine so that proper installation can occur.

Contents of retrofit kits

The safety standard for LED retrofits is UL1598C and, the installer must know about the contents of retrofit kits. A typical LED retrofit kit includes drivers, modules and engines, fixtures, hardware and instructions. The installer needs to be certain that damaged part should not be used.

In numerous cases, the present lamp holders become old and brittle. Further, they are no longer fit to make an electrical connection and, can fall apart any time. In due course, radiation effects and heat of pin-CFL lamps cause severe damages to the lamp holders, and installers should not reuse such old fixtures.

LED retrofit standards

The UL has published a helpful overview of LED retrofits, which lays out the basics. The chief UL standard for retrofits is UL1598; however, there are several others as well. Collectively, they cover wide range of areas such as self-ballasted lamps, luminaires, refrigerator luminaries and exit signs.

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A poorly done retrofit poses varied safety threats. Installers need to follow the rules properly so that they can reap benefits from LED lighting in the safest manner.


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