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Samsung and LG to boost OLED displays with automobile industry

Samsung and LG to boost OLED displays with automobile industry

By BizLED Bureau

Apr 22, 2016: Paul Gray, analyst at the global market research agency HIS, said that in a bid to boost their profits of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, Samsung and LG are shifting from manufacturing television sets to automobile display industry.

Gray also said that LG display needs to loom out for new OLED applications to partner with major automobile brands like Audi, BMW and Tesla rather than manufacturing TVs that don’t promise much revenue to the company.

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Since the display trade for Apple’s iPhone and tablets is reducing, aerospace and automotive are headed to become the popular applications for LG, Gray said. He further pointed out that car manufacturers have now started to use electronics on their dashboards increasingly which has helped to open new opportunities for the display makers across the world.
Samsung Display will indeed opt for the automotive industry as well to expand more from its OLED business while it has remained comparatively lukewarm in the OLED TV industry, Gray said. Even if Samsung Display returns to manufacturing OLED for TVs, the firm is expected to do so simply for flagship products, he added.

Gray also said that LG Display might be suppler in shifting from televisions to automobiles under its strategy to do what is correct for the business instead of being vertically incorporated with LG Electronics’ applications.

In contrast to this, Samsung might require more time to adjust itself into automobiles since it has been managed with more vertical amalgamation and is powerfully tied into the major pipeline of Samsung Electronics.

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It doesn’t always concern technologies. There is no doubt that a wide array of technologies is paving way for a new stage in the new media. As far as the television industry is concerned, the trend requires more pixels and their qualitative modification in also increasing with each passing day. As over 300 million 4K televisions are likely to break into the market by 2019, more than 1.4 million 8K TVs will also be distributed by then. Gray added.

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