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Samsung confirms it will not make OLED TVs in near future

Samsung confirms it will not make OLED TVs in near future

By BizLED Bureau

May 6, 2016: According to a report released by Korea Herald, Samsung has confirmed that the company will not make OLED TVs anytime soon, and instead will concentrate on developing quantum dot (QD) TVs for 2017.  This confirmation was made by a senior business official of Samsung Electronic TV.

Kim Hyun-seok, the President of Samsung Electronics said that the company will consider OLEV TVs only after two to three years. However, since some progress has been formulated on its complicated production and elevated costs due to the company’s suspension in 2013, OLED can’t be placed in the near future, added Kim Hyun-seok.

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Samsung confirms it will not make OLED TVs in near future

In spite of OLED’s improved picture quality and color gamut presentation in comparison with traditional LCDs, acceptance of OLED panels in TV has been quiet slow owing to higher prices of production and small yield rates in bigger panels.

Samsung is at present a chief in small OLED panels like those those for wearable  and  mobile devices. It has lately made a deal with Apple to deliver OLED screens in future iPhones. However, in the TV division, the Korean company is investing majority of its resources in enhancing the quality of LCD TV. Its most recent SHUD TVs consist of quantum dot technology that employs considerably small particles to release a different color of light depending on dimension.

Kim Hyun-seok further added that it is also expected that innovative technology such as quantum dot may as well progress quicker than OLED.  Samsung says that its quantum dot TV already outpaces the existing OLED TVs with regards to brightness and picture quality, although it is still arguable as to  which display is the better display technology.

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Furthermore, the company is planning to introduce QD TV models Brazil and Europe within the coming next few months since huge sporting events like the Rio Summer Olympics and Euro 2016 will occur.

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