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Samsung Display to build world’s biggest OLED plant

Samsung Display to build world's biggest OLED plant

By BizLED Bureau

July 3, 2017: Samsung Display is planning to build the world’s biggest OLED facility with a 30% higher production capacity than the A3, which is currently the company’s biggest facility.

Samsung Display has already started constructing its 6th generation flexible OLED facility in Cheonan and Asan, in South Korea. The new production line will have a production capacity of 180,000 OLED panels to 270,000 OLED panels per month.

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Samsung Display will soon hold a meeting of its board of directors when it will finalise its plan of action and discuss the investments on its new plant as well.

Samsung is likely to invest more than $1.75bn (£1.33bn) to build this facility, it is reported, and mass production is expected to begin from 2019.

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The company will also invest in two other plants that will produce about 270,000 panels per month.

It has already started expanding the A3 plant since 2015, to supply OLED panels to Apple. To meet the demand, it has secured a production capacity of 135,000 panels per month. The size of the A5 plant is the same as the size of A3 and A2 plants that produce 180,000 OLEDs per month.

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