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Samsung launches smart sensor module for smart LED lighting

Samsung launches smart sensor module for smart LED lighting

July 7, 2017: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has just completed development of a highly innovative, “Smart Sensor” Module (SSM) for use in the widest range of smart lighting applications. The Smart Sensor Module is a key part of Samsung’s Smart Lighting Platform (SLP). Samsung’s SLP is a highly advanced end-to-end solution that features:

(1) a 2-channel programmable driver for white tuning, even without a controller

(2) an optional wired or wireless module that allows an ordinary driver to become smart via Bluetooth Low Energy mesh connectivity

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(3) the new Smart Sensor Module, which can efficiently integrate Passive IR motion detection, RGB ambient light sensing, temperature management, humidity controls and advanced radar technology

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“Our state-of-the-art smart sensor modules are an excellent example of Samsung’s growing contribution to smart lighting and human-centric design, having been created to maximize the tremendous advantages and convenience of smart lighting in everyday life,” said Jacob Tarn, executive vice president, LED Business Team, Samsung Electronics. “With our introduction of these transformative solutions, we are making a clear statement on the importance of fully integrating smart lighting systems with human-centric lighting design.”

Samsung’s SSM-U (Left) and SSM-M (Right) (Image: Samsung)
Primary features of Samsung’s SSM-U (ultra-wideband) series:

(1) Sensitivity can be adjusted by a smartphone

(2) Module can be positioned behind the diffuser for a more graceful design

(3) Simultaneously functions as a motion and occupancy sensor

The Samsung SSM series extends beyond the industry-transforming SSM-U, with a legacy version (SSM-M) that will enable existing luminaires to seamlessly accommodate a sensor network infrastructure in pre-installed systems, with minimal effort.

The new modules are available for evaluation now and Samsung will start mass production beginning Q3 2017.

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