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Samsung planning to re-enter OLED TVs market

Samsung planning to re-enter OLED TVs market

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 26, 2016: After a brief hibernation, South Korean electronics giant Samsung will rejoin the OLED television market and shall start manufacturing the niche product.

A leading website based in South Korea reported this week that the electronics giant is in talks to make a US$ 3.3 billion investment in OLED technology. This will boost the manufacturing process to put new OLED TVs on shelves by year 2018.

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The year 2014 saw the departure of Samsung from manufacturing OLED TVs due to high manufacturing costs and less than expected results. But reliable sources have recently hinted that the company is working on the idea and shall make their presence felt in the market.

Compared to LED market, the prices for OLED products specially TVs haven’t dropped much and remain on the higher side. There were burn-in issues but now all 1080p OLED TVs are now useable. The initial rate was about 10 percent, as told to our reporters by industry analysts.

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Currently, LG dominates the OLED market as players like Panasonic made an entry with an OLED TV, introduced last year. If reports are to be believed, lighting giant Phillips could also join the league soon.

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