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Samsung starts production of AMOLED panels for Galaxy smartphones

Samsung starts production of AMOLED panels for Galaxy smartphones

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 22, 2016: Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge were released by Samsung on Feb. 21 at the MWC 2016 in Barcelona. The android-powered smartphones manufacturer Samsung has made grand plans for mass production of the AMOLED panels for their flagship handsets.

The South Korean publication’s sources have confirmed that Samsung has started the production of the AMOLED display panels at their Asan plant.

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Samsung plans to secure facilities with a monthly production capacity of 9 million panels for the Galaxy S7 Edge, which uses the flexible OLED display panel, for smooth supply. Industry insiders further divulged the reason as to why display panels are already in production. Samsung is taking no chances to create a scenario as it had to face for the Galaxy S6 Edge in 2015. The A2 line of Samsung Display was unable to keep up with the production demand as it was the only production line for flexible OLED at the time.

Due to that crisis, Samsung was faced with short supplies of Galaxy S6 Edge panels and it led to limited number of units of the handset being sold by retailers in the first quarter.

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For the current production line, Samsung has ensured that the sales of its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones do not go unsold or unnoticed due to short supply issues. The publication’s sources also said that the production of both the A2, as well as the Tangjeong A3 flexible OLED lines, which is in South Chungcheong Province, has started at the company’s Asan plant.

The A2 is capable of producing 24,000 pieces of mother glass (5.5-inch gen) each month, whereas the A3 line (6-inch gen) has the ability to produce 15,000 pieces every month.

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will be priced at US$ 784 and US$ 896 respectively.

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