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Samsung to acquire QD Vision to bet big on quantum dot TV

Samsung to acquire QD Vision to bet big on quantum dot TV
Samsung QD TV display and QD technology showcased at “Samsung Dot’s it” educational zone

By BizLED Bureau

Nov 25, 2016: With the aim to step up its efforts in quantum dot (QD) technology, and to stay ahead of LG’s OLED TV, Samsung Electronics has decided to acquire US-based company QD Vision, which specialises in QD.

“We have decided to acquire QD Vision,” Chung Chil-hee, President, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), said at a press conference. The acquisition deal is estimated to be of US $70 million.

Samsung, which has been a leader in global TV market for the last 11 years, has been making efforts to enter high-end TV market by developing and peomoting cutting edge technologies like QD TVs.

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Samsung has already entered into QD technology partnerships with other leading companies like Nanosys and Nanoco. To further boost the efforts and scale up its QD patents is has decided to partner with QD Vision.

QD Vision, which was founded by MIT researchers in 2004, has been focusing on developing QD bars and QD materials for TV applications. QD Vision has partnered with leading global TV manufacturers including Sony of Japan, and TCL and Hisense of China.

In competition with LG, Samsung Electronics has always made efforts to keep its TV strategy different and unique from that of LG. In this effort, it has decided to step away from the OLED TV sector, and focus its resources on making cadmium-free QD TVs with QD Vision. Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal used in the process of making quantum dots.

QD Vision will be a part of Samsung’s research and development unit, and will likely to create QD LED displays suitable for the consumer market.

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