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Samsung unveils transparent OLED mirror displays

Samsung unveils transparent OLED mirror displays

By BizLED Bureau

May 25, 2016: Samsung introduced the first commercial set up of its advanced mirror display at the Leekaja Hairbis’ Jamsil salon in Seoul, South Korea.  It is a 55-inch display unit that functions as a mirror whilst playing media over the mirrored figure.

The display embodies 90% transparent layer over a basic mirror, and is an authentically transparent display.

Samsung unveils transparent OLED mirror displays

Employing Intel 3-D camera technology, the displays can show clients in varied kinds of hair styles, trends and colors, permitting the hairdressers at the salon to offer personalized, interactive consultations with the customers.

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Samsung is expecting that such mirror displays will come handy in fashion, retail, furniture and interior design markets within the next few years. Similar 55-inch mirror displays will be obtainable for procurement in fall 2016 globally.

The mirror display by Samsung, ML55E offers 90% transparency and 55% reflectivity, with the aim to reduce visual distraction and give clarity, in the media content overlays as well as in the reflective mirror surface.

Experts are of the opinion that the technology might as well as be a money spinner. A study showed that the market for plastic and flexible OLED displays is likely to increase to $16 billion by 2020, with TV and professional use being the hot cakes.

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However the technology is still pretty costly and there is another issues as well. Transparent OLED displays may function well sci-fi movies, but that is because they permit the camera to interrelate better with performers in a hard to film scenario. In a practical sense, although transparent displays with no touch capability are all in fact only helpful in the exhibition division.

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