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Samsung’s multichannel driver controls luminaires’ CCT and dimming

Samsung's multichannel driver controls luminaires' CCT and dimming

Nov 22, 2017: Samsung Electronics’ Programmable Multichannel Driver (PMD) with two-channel driving, allows luminaires to tune colour temperature (CCT) and dim light output. For example, in order to control a luminaire with warm white and cool white modules, previously a separate driver was needed for each color temperature as well as a controller to connect the two drivers to a single dimmer. However, with Samsung’s award-winning PMD, a luminaire only needs to be wired to the PMD in order to fine-tune the CCT and control dimming in an exacting manner. This dual role adds to the simplicity and convenience of everyday lighting environments in an extensive number of applications ranging from commercial to architectural lighting.

The PMD also supports DALI and 0-10V output ports, as well as the universal input voltage range for easy adoption throughout the global lighting market. Its programming software allows lighting system managers to easily adjust operating value settings, such as CCT, current and dimming levels, to create the most optimized lighting environments.

Samsung’s PMD has become a key element in a growing number of smart lighting systems as it can be quickly linked to a wide range of control modules and sensors through the use of a 24V auxiliary power supply, eliminating the need for an additional power source. Moreover, it can be adjusted in 1mA increments, enabling more efficient inventory management for luminaire manufacturers.

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