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Sengled adds voice control to smart lighting portfolio through Amazon Alexa

Sengled adds voice control to smart lighting portfolio through Amazon Alexa

Feb 23, 2017: Sengled, world leader of intelligent lighting products that integrate consumer electronics inside energy efficient LED lights, today announced that they will take customer convenience through intuitive behavior to the next level by offering voice control for their Element lighting system via Amazon Alexa.

Customers can now control up to fifty Element light bulbs throughout their home using their voice or phone with the Sengled Home Skill for Alexa. After enabling the Sengled Home Skill in the Alexa app and linking your Sengled account, simply say, “Alexa, discover my devices.” Customers can then control light bulbs in groups or individually, for full room or single lamp control. Envision a home where you can turn on/off or dim the lights by saying “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights” when your hands are filled with groceries or “Alexa, turn off the bedside lamp” when you are drifting asleep after reading in bed.

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“Integrating voice control capabilities into our Element product family was of highest priority,” said Alex Ruan, General Manager of Sengled North America. “By adding voice control capabilities via Amazon Alexa, our customers can have the best and most convenient lighting experience that improves their daily life. Our goal is to reinvent the light bulb by giving consumers more functionality with much less device clutter. By doing so, we make the smart home simple, with ease of installation and use.”

Lighting is a fundamental part of life, and Element connects lighting with other components of home security and automation for ultimate convenience. Element offers minimalist yet modern design to seamlessly integrate into consumers’ existing light sockets to best compliment their lifestyle. Element provides the energy savings of an LED with more advanced features like customizable scheduling, color temperature tuning (soft white 2700K to daylight 6500K) and energy tracking. Consumers can control bulbs individually or as groups, schedule the lights to turn on when arriving home from work or turn off during daylight hours for increased savings. Element uses 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, offers a 60W output equivalent while using less than 10W and is rated to last approximately 22 years.

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Sengled Element goes beyond the concept of smart lighting by directly connecting the benefit of the energy efficient LED bulb to the environment with the One Bulb One Tree campaign. For each Element sold, Sengled promises to plant a tree to offset the bulb’s already small carbon footprint, delivering the world’s first carbon neutral light bulb. Element also puts smart home capabilities within the reach of the average family by being the most affordable smart lighting solution in the market.

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