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Seoul Semiconductor’s LED package clocks record efficiency of 210 lm/W

Seoul Semiconductor’s LED package clocks record efficiency of 210 lm/W

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 9, 2016: After achieving record luminous efficiency of 210lm/W for a single LED package, Acrich MJT 5630D package from South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd has initiated the package’s mass production.

The Korean company has been providing 5360 LED packages (5.6mm wide x 3.0mm long) for application in lighting and IT fields. Of all the features, the most distinctive characteristic of the new MJT 5630D+ LED is the upgrade of its luminous efficiency to 210lm/W by using LED chips.  The product incorporates Seoul Semiconductor’s multi-junction technology (MJT).

The LEDs will comprise 40% of the US lighting market including fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps by the year 2020. The data was shared by the Solid-State-Lighting R&D Plan released in May 2015 by the US Department of Energy (DoE). The agency further added that more than 88% of lighting equipment will be replaced by LEDs by 2030.

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The plan is projecting the luminous efficiency of the lighting appliance needs to reach at least 200lm/W and the luminous efficiency of LED packages needs to be at least 220lm/W. A strategy was suggested for improving the performance of converters that has lowered the efficiency and life of existing LED lamps.

A target has been set by the Seoul Semiconductors CTO to achieve LED package efficiency of 220lm/W (the DOE’s target by 2020) within a year. This will stamp their credentials and technology strength in the market.

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The South Korean manufacturer says that its Acrich driving technology and Acrich MJT technology are compatible and compliance-oriented with the AC and high-voltage technologies described in the report released by the US Department of Energy. They are also recognized as the best resolutions for correcting high defect rate and short life of converters problems. The firm is planning to expand Acrich MJT supply with a strategy for extending AC LEDs and high-voltage LEDs to improve the efficiency of LED lighting applications.

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