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Sercomm Unity Opto joins hands to develop smart lighting modules

Sercomm Unity Opto joins hands to develop smart lighting modules

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 22, 2016: Leading Taiwanese LED manufacturer Unity Opto Technology and broadband & wireless networking equipment giant Sercomm Corporation have joined hands in developing a smart lighting LED Research &Development unit. Unity Opto is planning to expand market presence in Europe in the future, projecting approximately 30% revenue growth in 2016 after Toshiba announced Unity Opto as their distributor in Europe.

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The statistics say that Unity Opto improved their growth at NTD 2billion (US $59.3 million) by 28% in the fourth quarter revenue compared to third quarter of 2015 (3Q15). Although, Q1 does not fare better results for manufacturers, financial experts predicted growth in the first quarter.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) launches ?LED Lighting Blue Sea Battleship Overseas Development Forum? on Jan. 20, 2016 to develop emerging market of LED industry. ITRI is currently developing and promoting emerging technologies which include visual light communications (VLC) as well.

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Unity Opto is in the process of developing visual light communications (VLC) which will bridge the application between LED lighting and telecommunications, the company spokesperson Jacky Wang stated.

The forum is a platform to encourage and enhance collaboration and conversation of local manufacturers and bring them together.

Financial institutes in Taiwan are hopeful that the large European order will make the company revenue to grow 20% growth and generate more than NT $10 billion (US $304.7 million) in revenue.

As Unity Opto has collaborated the with broadband and wireless networking solution provider Sercomm to work on smart lighting module. Sercomm is a manufacturer that focuses on power supply system, smart lighting system control, and remote and near field communication (NFC).

This collaboration is a positive step towards the future of LED lighting as consumers and manufacturers will attain great benefits from it in future.

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