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Shuji Nakamura stresses on potentials of micro-LED & laser lighting

Shuji Nakamura stresses on potentials of micro-LED & laser lighting

By BizLED Bureau

Nov 24, 2016: At the 13th China International Forum on Solid State Lighting (SSLCHINA 2016) held in China recently, industry experts were upbeat about the current trends in the global lighting industry, and were optimistic about the potential of the emerging smart and advanced technologies.

Nobel Prize Laureate Shuji Nakamura, who is also a Professor at the Materials Department of the College of Engineering, University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), also backed the three major trends in the lighting industry—micro-LED, Li-Fi technology and laser lighting, and said that these have the potential to revolutionize the industry.

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He said that micro-LED can even overshadow OLED as it does not require polarizer and filters like OLED, but still can provide superior brightness and energy efficiency with better lifespan.

However, Shuji Nakamura, pointed out that two challenges that are confronting the mass adoption of micro-LED technology need to be addressed by the industry. The first challenge is the size of LED chip that affects the external quamtum efficiency (EQE). Since micro-LEDs have ultra-small-sized chips, which means that there is very little current spreading area, leading to very high current density. The second challenge is the sourcing technology, and the picking and transfer technology of micro-LEDs. He also pointed out that micro-LED and RGB laser have better light transmission capacity than LED technology.

Regarding laser lighting, Shuji Nakamura said that the demand for laser lighting is increasing and is being widely used in several applications like laser automotive headlights, micro projectors, laser TVs, etc. In automotive lighting, laser lighting has an advantage over LED lighting—while LED lighting’s full beam is upto 300m, laser headlights can beam upto 600m.

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Shuji Nakamura highlighted the potential of Li-Fi technology. He said that the market value of Li-Fi and visible light communication have will touch US$115 billion by 2022.

Li-Fi communication can adopt LED or laser technologies, and have much better transmission capacity when compared to Wi-Fi. Li-Fi can have unlimited applications with the development of wireless communication and hand-held applications.

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