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Shuji Nakamura to help make China a global laser hub

Shuji Nakamura to help make China a global laser hub

By BizLED Bureau

Dec 19, 2016: Shuji Nakamura, the inventor of the blue LEDs, inaugurated a laser diode lab in Zhongguang Industrial Technology Lab in Shenzhen. Nakamura has been appointed the honorary director of the R&D lab, and director of laser diode laboratory.

With the aim to make China a global hub for laser lighting—considered to be the next generation lighting technology—the laser diode laboratory was established in Shenzhen as a part of an international technology and innovation hub.

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Speaking at the inaugutation ceremony, Nakamura said that in the coming years, laser technology will emerge as the next generation technology, particularly in the display industries, where blue diode lasers will have a bright future. Shenzhen, known as China’s Silicon Valley, is active in innovations. After advancements in LED and laser technology, Shenzhen government has been making efforts to develop the laser lighting industry. A a result, it supported laser lighting technology R&D, and the industry has develop a unique environment for the same.

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Nakamura said that he will work with the team to bring the world’s most advanced laser technology to Shenzhen, and contribute to the government efforts to drive innovation in the city.

Lasers as the next generation lighting technology can be US $14.39 million (RMB 100 million) worth market, and is one of the largest semiconductor bases in Shenzhen.

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