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Singapore to have smarter LED streetlights by 2022

Singapore to have smarter LED streetlights by 2022
Medium-powered LED streetlights trial at Northumberland Road and Tekka Lane, Singapore

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 12, 2017: With the aim to conserve energy and reduce maintenance and manpower costs, Singapore will convert all roads in the city-state to energy efficient LED lighting with remote control and monitoring system (RCMS) by 2022.

Since 2013, the concerned department—Land Transport Authority (LTA)—had started implementing the project, and will now convert all street lights across the island with LED lighting.

LTA will also replace the existing timer-based street lighting systems with RCMS. This system will be more responsive to weather changes.

Energy consumption to be cut by 25%

LTA has also conducted trials for medium-powered and high-powered LED lightings at certain roads from 2010 to 2013. These trials showed that LED streetlights are about 25% more energy-efficient than the existing streetlights.

From 2013 till date, LTA has installed 4,000 LED streetlights. LTA will now float tenders to replace all 25,000 streetlights with LED streetlights, and wants to complete installing all 25,000 LED streetlights by 2022.

Smart LED lighting systems

Currently, timer-based street lighting systems operate as per the pre-programmed sunrise and sunset timings of every season. But RCMS will make the streetlights more responsive to the weather. This system will help to remotely switch the streetlights on and off, which will respond to varying street lighting needs. RCMS will also help LTA to follow a more efficient maintenance regime as it will be able to automatically detect the faults and alert the authorities.

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