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Smart City Expo 2017: Smart LED street lighting trend picking up

Smart City Expo 2017: Smart LED street lighting trend picking up

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 28 2017: The Smart City Summit & Expo 2017 concluded in Taipei, Taiwan. The expo clearly highlighted the current trends in the smart city domain. According to a report on LED smart street lighting, there are about 315 million streetlights operating in countries across the world, and it has been estimated it will reach 359 million by 2026. While Europe and the Americas are the largest markets, smart street lighting is a global phenomenon. The report also says the technology is growing fast, and several potential markets are emerging across the world.

Smart streetlights trends

One of the key highlights of the expo was the LED streetlights. It was very clear that demand for LED streetlights with smart features are drawing keen interests among the city authorities. Many cities across the globe want to connect LED streetlights to a smart and intelligent management system, and develop a smart lighting ecosystem.

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Most of the systems displayed aimed at saving electricity. There were streetlights on display which automatically reduce light output when temperature is too high with the aim to extend the life of the light bulbs. There were smart streetlights that can inform drivers about vacant parking spaces via notifications to their phones or laptops.

Many companies like AAEON Technology, Chunghwa Telecom demonstrated their smart street lighting system.

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Chunghwa Telecom demonstrated its iGEM Smart Street Lighting Management System, which can remotely turn lights on and off, pre-schedule the on/off time, dim the lights, etc. The sytem also has the poles integrated with sensors that can provide real-time data like weather, temperature, wind direction, air quality, and much more.

AAEON Technology also demontrated its smart street lighting system, which connects the streetlights through a wireless network. The system can also be pre-scheduled, the lighting controls and electricity consumption can also be monitored.

Scientech showcased its smart street lighting system which utilizes Acer’s BYOC cloud strategy. It has a sensing technology by which the streetlights can turn on automatically when vehicles and pedestrians pass by and dim down when there is no traffic.

Cloud-based platforms

There were cloud-based platforms on display. For example, IPSecures Corporation’s displayed a cloud-based platform that allows the authority to easily manage the streetlights remotely. The system also has motion and noise sensing sensors. If the sensor on the light pole detects screaming, the system will instantly report to the nearest police station and provide real-time surveillance video.

Billion Electric showcased a street light control and management system, which combines 3G and 4G LTE broadband powerline communication, and a cloud computing platform. The system can remotely monitor status of each street light; each streetlight also serves as a security and surveillance point.

Philips Lighting had exhibited its CityTouch solution. The system needs installing a connector node on any existing streetlight, which connects it to the cloud system via the existing mobile network. The system also send automatic failure notifications to maintenance personnel.

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