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Smart LED lighting solutions: What?s in the market?

Smart LED lighting solutions: What?s in the market

By BizLED Bureau

October 24, 2015: With fast advancement of LED technology, lighting solutions are becoming innovative and smart, making our lifestyle easy and comfortable. It gives us all the control over the lighting system?from controlling brightness to changing color of the bulbs to match the ambience. This opens up possibilities to light our homes for special occasions, offices, shops, or any other commercial applications. And the best benefit is that it lowers our power bills as we can switch off the lights on timers.

What we call smart lights are lighting solutions that can be installed as per our lifestyle requirements. According to requirements, these solutions work differently?some use local networking infrastructure with wire or wireless. We can use Internet-based logic tools as well, for instance, IFTTT can manage our lighting system automatically from anywhere on the earth.

What?s in the market?

Currently, all major LED players are offering smart LED lighting solutions as the demand is rising slowly but steadily. There are fully flexible self-installed solutions, or solutions that can be integrated into a the home automation system. So, there are a variety of products that you can choose from. The most basic ones are the smart bulbs, which look similar to screw type bulbs but are a little more expensive.

What the players offer

Cree offers a breakthrough technology?SmartCast Technology?which is a self-programmable wireless lighting controls system. It integrates occupancy sensing technology and daylight harvesting into a single platform. The technology is being incorporated in Cree LED luminaires, which enables them to ?talk? to ach other. With the help of this SmartCast Technology, Cree claims that one can save up to 40% electricity.

The user needs to just push one button and the lights get installed, and the system starts self-configuring itself to get maximum result from the daylighting and occupancy sensors. The system runs separately of the building controls systems. The Cree smart LED lighting system spreads consistent and smooth light across a specific area or multiple zones.

Philips offers SpaceWise system that supports and daylight harvesting as well as occupancy sensing. The company claims that the system increases energy efficiency and can help 50?75% energy savings if compared to traditional lighting system.

As Philips? DuaLED luminaire embeds all the intelligent controls, it makes SpaceWise technology installation easy. SpaceWise system works as a stand-alone system that enhances savings of energy by 20?30%.

Philips also has the largest product range in this domain with its Hue brand of smart bulbs and the Friends Of Hue Bloom and Lightstrip products.

Xeleum offers XCO-100 smart light control system that is operated with a smart sensor and a handheld controller, and can control as many as eight LED fixtures. Xeleum claims that its LED troffers can reduce energy cost by 50% or more, and an additional 30% is saved through intelligent use of daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing. Xeleum smart light control system is of low voltage, and can be installed easily; it is designed to operate smoothly with Xeleum LED troffers.

Belkin offers WeMo smart LED technology with WeMo LED smart bulbs that you can turn on or off from anywhere on the planet. Belkin?s WeMo LED lighting starter set comes with two smart LED bulbs and a WeMo Link, which is a small, white connector that plugs into the wall and helps to control the smart bulbs with the help of Wi-Fi.

The WeMo smart bulbs are equivalent to 60-watt incandescent bulb, and have a life expectancy of 23 years, if used for 3 hours daily. From the main screen of the WeMo app, you can perform all the basic lighting functions like turning on or off the lights or brightness of the lights can be adjusted.

Link bulbs offered by GE Lighting work with Wink home automation network that can control them with the help of Wink app or GE’s own Link Hub. Going with the Wink Hub off the bat opens you to other Wink-enabled devices down the road as well. The Link bulbs come in three varieties?A19, BR30 and a PAR36 floodlight. The bulbs can be setup with the help of Wink app, which allows to control them remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

The Insteon smart LED lighting system is a home automation system that is simply connected through Wi-Fi. These bulbs can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. The bulbs also work with Insteon remotes and switches.

The Insteon bulbs come in two versions?A19 bulb and PAR38. The energy-efficient bulbs use about 8W and are said to last for up to 35 years at 4 hours of use per day. Using the Insteon app, one can program various automations and adjust brightness or dimness.

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For more info: http://www.cree.com/smartcast

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