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Smart LED streetlights to reach 73 million installed units by 2026

Smart LED streetlights to reach 73 million installed units by 2026

July 18, 2017: LEDs are now the standard replacement for legacy lighting in most cities around the world. At the same time, smart controls are becoming more mainstream and are increasingly installed alongside LED deployments. Adding controls to street lighting systems offers many benefits, but controls technology is not being adequately exploited. Cities are missing out on increased energy and maintenance savings and the opportunity to use smart street lighting networks as a platform for other smart city applications.

The next frontier for smart street lighting networks involves rapidly increasing deployments of controls technology and a transition to being utilized as a broader platform for smart city innovations. Sensors and other technologies are being added to smart street lighting networks to offer a multitude of new city services, including gunshot detection, air quality monitoring, EV charging, traffic management, and smart parking. The vision of a city lighting network is one that provides a platform for a range of innovative smart solutions, helping cities increase efficiency, raise additional revenue, keep residents safe, improve sustainability, and make them attractive to new residents and businesses.

According to Navigant Research, the global installed base of smart street lights is expected to reach nearly 73 million worldwide by 2026.

This Navigant Research report analyzes the evolution of smart street lighting technology and market trends, with a focus on how smart street lighting can be used as a platform for additional smart city applications. The study analyzes the drivers for the transformation in the lighting market, including financial, environmental, and economic factors, and assesses approaches to smart street lighting in different regions. Global market forecasts of smart street lighting hardware, software applications, and services, broken out by segment and region, extend through 2026. The report also examines significant smart street lighting projects and case studies of major deployments from around the world, as well as the competitive landscape.

Source: Navigant Research

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