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Smart meters give highly inaccurate LED readings: Study

Smart meters give highly inaccurate LED readings: Study

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 10, 2017: According to a new study, smart meters are quiet unreliable, and can give readings that are often seven times higher than the actual levels.

The smart meters are even more unreliable when it comes to reading the outputs of LEDs, which are combined with dimmers, found scientists from the Dutch University of Twente.

For quite some time, users have been complaining about electronic energy meters that give high readings than reality. This prompted Prof Leferink to investigate the electronic meters, to find out if they actually give false readings. Together with co-workers Cees Keyer and Anton Melentjev from AUAS, he tested nine different smart meters. These meters were manufactured between 2004 and 2014. The meters were connected through an electric switchboard, to a range of power-consuming appliances, like energy saving light bulbs, heaters, LED bulbs and dimmers.

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Out of these nine smart meters, five were inaccurate. They found that the devices were considerably over-estimating the true results, often by as much as 582%. The other meters that the scientists tested also underestimated the true results by as much as by 30%.

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The greatest inaccuracies were found when dimmers were merged with LEDs. In cases, where the electricity consumed had an erratic waveform could not be measured by the meters. In fact, the meters failed to adapt to and take into consideration the erratic waveform when producing results.


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