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Sony launches premium LED products for smarter homes

Sony launches premium LED products for smarter homes

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 21, 2016: Japanese electronics giant, Sony, is a late entrant in LED-based luminaire market. The company’s focus has been profit-oriented due to expanding the smart home market, and product pricing strategies for newly launched products. With much research and updated market strategies, Sony is utilizing its experience in the consumer electronic industry to make value-added smart LED products. We will discuss some of the premier products that shall be unveiled in near future.

Sony Lifespace UX series

This product series from Sony was showcased at CES 2016 and carry a ‘high-price’ range. These premium range products shall be available in MoMa stores in May this year. The portable laser projector, Ultra Short Throw Project, comes with a price tag of US$ 999 and is considered to be the most expensive item in the product portfolio.

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Sony’s Glass Sound Speaker

LED bulbs and luminaires embedded speakers with Bluetooth music streaming features from the product lineup are expensive. Glass Sound Speaker is an elegantly designed glass-cylinder shaped LED filament luminaire, which works with batteries. Priced at US$ 799 per luminaire, this series’ simply designed LED Bulb Speaker will cost not less than US$ 239.

Sony’s LED Bulb Speaker 

Sony’s LED pricing strategy division is targeting elite and lifestyle-savvy consumers for its range. The company is moving away from low-end products, which are less profitable and more prone to competition. The new pricing will enable company’s research division to explore possibilities for the niche consumer segment and boost company’s revenue from lighting products.

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Sony’s Multifunctional Light for smart home market

This year saw the launch of Multifunctional Light from Sony to cement company’s LED market strategy of targeting smart home applications with value-added lighting products. The Multifunctional Light product integrates lighting with thermostats, speaker, and audio functions. Toshiba’s LED technology was instrumental in developing Sony’s LED ceiling light. It works an IR remote controlled LED that integrates six sensors, lighting sensors, proximity sensors, speakers, microphones, IR remote control sensors.

Sony’s Multifunctional Light is a smart LED ceiling light that integrates audio recording, thermal sensors, speakers, and  lighting into a single device.

There are two distinct features that come with this LED product. Firstly, it can make audio recordings and enable families to communicate via smartphones, and secondly the embedded thermal sensors that can help regulate air condition temperatures. The basic lighting functions, such as dimming and color-tuning, with a color temperature ranging between warm white colors of 2,700K to cool white 6,500K, are always there.

Industry experts are keeping their fingers crossed as how Sony will go with this lighting strategy. Whether smart home applications can help conventional lighting manufacturers break the low profits barrier with more innovative products.

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