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Sony to come out with OLED TVs in 2017 to boost sales

Sony to come out with OLED TVs in 2017 to boost sales

By BizLED Bureau

Dec 30, 2016: With the aim to jump into the OLED bandwagon, and also to boost sales with the top-of-the-line technology, Japanese electronics giant Sony will come out with OLED TVs worldwide by summer 2017.

The OLED TVs will offer brighter colors, sharper contrast and higher resolution. Sony OLED TVs will hit the markets in Europe, the US and China by spring 2017.

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Sony will source OLED panels from South Korea’s LG Display, and for image processing, it will draw on its own proprietary technology.

LG Display has a near monopoly in OLED TV panels business, which compels its rival Sony to source the key components from LG itself.

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However, this scenario is changing as other companies are also emerging in this domain. Japanese players like Idemitsu Kosan and Sumitomo Chemical, with their years of research and development, are coming up with superior materials and production technologies, and their longer-lasting OLEDs are now being incorporated into TVs.

Costly TV than other brands

Although the the current prices for a 65-inch liquid crystal display TV is about 300,000 yen to 400,000 yen, the 65-inch Sony OLED TV may cost $8,500 (1 million yen), although the price has not yet been declared officially. However, Sony sees a market for its costly TV.

In 2007, Sony had launched its first 11-inch OLED TV, in fact the world’s first OLED TV, but was not successful, and was forced to pull it out from the Japanese markets in 2010. But the image quality of the OLED TVs were much better even then, leaving a mark in the consumers’ minds.

Business potential in OLED TV market

Sony’s return to the OLED TV domain may infuse new energy. OLED TVs now account for only 1% of global TV sales in value terms, with LG Electronics dominating the market.

Panasonic had launched 65-inch OLED TV in Europe in 2015 for about 1.2 million yen. The company now aims to launch the sets in Japan and Southeast Asia in April 2017.

Toshiba is also making efforts to develop OLED TVs. However, Samsung Electronics has stopped the introduction of OLED TVs after selling them for a time.

More OLED panel makers emerging

More OLED panel makers are now emerging in the market and challenging the leaders in the domain. Japan’s JOLED, whose stakeholders include Sony, Panasonic and Japan Display, is developing OLED panels for TVs. China’s BOE Technology Group is also working on similar offerings.

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