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Sony’s LED light system makes grass grow faster

Sony’s LED light system makes grass grow faster

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 6, 2016: Tokyo-based Sony Business Solutions, a company affiliated with the Sony group has introduced new LED light system, which can grow grass 6x faster.

The innovative technology is called Brighturf, which is aimed at commercial grass growing purposes. It takes into account most grass-based sports such as golf, soccer, baseball, etc.The system was developed in collaboration with Kashima Antlers, Shinshu University, Showa Denko, and Sekishin Denki. Brighturf is the world’s first LED-based lighting system used to grow grass, according to Sony Business Solutions. It works by mounting LED-based lights on a frame 1.5 meters above the grass that needs to be grown. It can be installed to cover an area of 90 square meters.

The LED lights used are red and blue that use 660m and 450m wavelengths respectively. This grouping is ideal for photosynthesis, and also helps to eliminate the dependability on the sun.Brightturf facilitates continuous photosynthesis for an unlimited period of time.

Lighting system to grow grass isn’t something new. However, this is the first time that LED lighting has been used. In the past, halogen based system was used, which ran hot too quickly and made the fresh grown grass wither.

Besides penetrating into professional sports field market, Brighturf can be seen as a must-have tool for turf growers across the globe. If the grass grows quickly, they can make all the more sales and consequent profits will follow. Sony demonstrated Brighturf at the Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2016 convention in Japan.

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