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Soon OLED will become leading TV display technology

Soon OLED will become leading TV display technology

By BizLED Bureau

Aug 12, 2016: At a time when the TV display industry is looking to make some diverse moves, organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology is paving way for new innovations for the industry. The highlight of OLED is that it delivers the best-looking picture of any kind of TV display. In addition, this advanced technology has the capability to turn every individual pixel on or off, which makes backlighting unnecessary, thus facilitating TV to display ideal black and a boundless contrast.

Addressing the media in a recent press conference, Kevin Cha, President, LG Electronics, Middle East & Africa said that OLED facilitates televisions to display true black in a manner other TV technologies sold at present simply cannot. Analysts have highlighted that the advanced OLED TV market has gigantic growth potential since more leading industry players are poised to valve deeper into the first-class division, added Cha.

Speaking further he said that OLED TVs have unbelievable precision that can provide crisp, nuanced pictures down to the most exact details. In addition, OLED’s deep black serves as the ideal backdrop for producing vivacious colors with no light noise intruding with the images.

Potential of OLED TVs

LG has been continually concentrating on raising awareness of OLED TVs, developing substantial market potential for this most recent TV format. Internationally, this has lead to a optimistic impact on the sales of OLED, said the chief LG official. He further said that LG is looking forward to increase the production capacity for OLED panels and looks upon such investments as a vital component in its push to make OLED the market benchmark, the official added.

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LG’s revolutionary spirit in TV design is now visible as the company has gained strong foothold on the rising OLED market. The company’s total OLED TV line-up offers striking picture quality together with the patented ideal black image rendering technology, enhanced brightness, and an extended colour spectrum, all housed in inventive, slender designs.

The 2016 LG OLED TV line-up comprises four series (B6, C6, E6, and LG SIGNATURE G6) with eight models ranging from 55 to 77-inches that will be available in both curved and flat panels. The company’s ULTRA Luminance technology significantly enhances contrast between dark and bright areas, delivering vibrant HDR images while Contrast Maximiser provides supplementary depth and contrast by sorting out objects from their backgrounds.

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