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Startup makes LED lighting-based electric car charger

Startup makes LED lighting-based electric car charger

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 25, 2017: EasyCharge, a startup, is set to change the way electric vehicles are recharged, with the help of a charging station that is mounted from the ceiling, and featured with a movable charging arm and LED industrial lighting.

The new technology called Leviamp allows for 180 degrees of positioning, and can be used for any type of electric vehicle, despite the fact that the charging dock may be in different locations on different models. When the arms are not in use, they retracts to the top position on the ceiling, folded away from being in the way of the vehicle or any other objects.

EasyCharge has partnered with RentaLite, an energy-saving research and development center, to include LED lighting in the Leviamp smart chargers. EasyCharge believes that this technology can be used in residential homes, and in corporate and retail environments where electric car charging, parking and high LED lighting are needed.

The LED lighting and charging system is installed in the ceiling of a parking garage, and has all the features of a smart electric vehicle (EV) charging station, but with greater flexibility and an LED lamp that illuminates the area around it, according to the company.

“Our mission is to help companies and private individuals to install affordable charging infrastructure and cut their CO2 emissions while accelerating a transition to sustainable means of transport,” says Artur Sychov, CEO of EasyCharge. “We believe that this combo product will help them to overcome existing financial challenges and provide a way to quickly equip their garages with modern infrastructure.”

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