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Supacell LEDs by Multibrands save upto 90% energy

Supacell LEDs by Multibrands save upto 90% energy

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 26, 2016: Multibrands is slated to go down in record books as it launches an extraordinary range of LED products in market that can save up to 90% energy.

With over 25 years of experience in lamp and lighting industry and with open markets in more than 100 countries, Multibrands is in league of face-off with bigger names such as Philips and Osram and promises a big breakthrough by the end of 2016.

Often a question comes to the mind of consumers when new LED products are coming out every day. Consumers legitimately ask themselves: which one I choose or how are they different?

To answer to that question, Multibrands announced Supacell LED after testing and rigorous research: a special form of LED that saves energy than any other LED in marketplace.

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Supacell LEDs by Multibrands save upto 90% energy

They have been created using only latest LED technology to maximise the efficiency levels. This ensures a 3-year guarantee span, 25 years lifespan and up to 90% energy savings, as per test records. With enormous cost savings ? the price factor might not be considered as they?ll turn into profit within a year. Another option to save more is available if consumers go for dimmable version of LEDs.

A specially incorporated ACD driver has been installed further to provide longer life and an enhanced heat resistance. Currently, there is no manufacturer who applies ACD (Advanced Constant Driver) as this has been officially patented by Multibrands. This driver enables the bulb to turn on and off at least 15,000 times during its lifetime.

Moreover, with a score of 83+ Colour Rendering Index against most manufacturers on the market right now have scored >80 CRI. Natural outdoor light has a CRI of 100 and is used as the standard for comparison of any other light source. This means that the reflected colours are true and natural. Furthermore, these LEDs have the highest Power Factor per watt for improved efficiency.

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Die-Cast aluminium is being used as heat sinks inside to maximize the LED?s surface area to produce less heat. This, in turn, increase the contact of the cooling medium that surrounds it for efficient heat dissipation.

As they don?t emit any UV or thermal radiation, they make incandescent light bulbs and CFLs obsolete. These LEDs are more sustainable alternatives to CFL light bulbs as they do not contain any harmful elements.

Each product has been carefully designed and equipped. For eg; flood lights have a high strength safety glass enabling high transmittance and impact resistance, are mainly used outside. The tubes series have the Triple Coated Shatter Proof Technology incorporated.

Supacell LED comes with the advantage of being smart and simplified in packaging apart from scoring great results when tested and being compliant with all European Community Standards. Designed to provide clear identity, specification and technical detail per product, our packages make the buying process smooth for the consumer.

Why is this becoming important? As LED products are too many in market, we started thinking in lumens instead of watts. More lumens per watt means more efficient and up to date the technology is. Though this might be a common known fact for manufacturers, things might not be the same for the consumer. Therefore, clear details of conversions on the package are a must.

Supacell LED makes it easy for consumers know the type of light bulb, lumens per watt and if it?s dimmable or not etc and other relevant details.

In addition, Multibrands announces that the superior quality of the products won?t affect their final price.

?We operate a fully automated production and management system. This ensures strict quality control and provides a highly efficient production environment, increasing stability and capacity. In return we are able to produce top quality products at very competitive prices?, says Rizwana Hussain, Sales Director.

Prices vary from £1.75 to £20, depending on the product.

?We have been working on this product range for a few years now. We wanted to be the game changers in the industry, to create a complete and versatile collection?, says Imran Hussain, Managing Director at Multibrands. Supacell LED has products ranging from 225 lm (ideal for mood lighting) to 3500 lm (exterior flood lights) and even 12000 lm (commercial flood lights). ?That?s why Supacell LED products are available in so many different shapes and sizes ? from your classic light bulb to candle, spot lights, reflectors, tubes and even flood lights. Their ability to provide different types of light – warm, natural or cool – also makes them perfect for any kind of building design needs – homes, museums, stores, hospitals, outdoor and so on. It?s not called the King of LED for nothing!?

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