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Sylvania Automotive’s off-road LED module accessory delivers 1800 lumen

Sylvania Automotive's off-road LED module accessory delivers 1800 lumen

Sep 18, 2017: Sylvania Automotive, the leader in automotive lighting solutions for the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), announced the availability of its Cube-X 2-in-One line at major automotive retailers nationwide. While it has been previewed at industry tradeshows and special events, this is the first time the Cube-X 2-in-One line is commercially available to the public, offering a stylish option to outfit a variety of vehicles with a unique and high-quality LED lighting accessory.

The Cube-X 2-in-One line provides vehicles with a rugged, high-performance LED output in a versatile component that allows for both spotted off-road illumination and on-road accent lighting. The two modes of operation include an 1800 raw lumen spotlight or a signature X-shaped accent light for on-road use.

“Adventure seekers continue to look for new ways to illuminate the road less traveled, and our Cube-X 2-in-one meets the demand of this unique market with its two versatile modes,” said SYLVANIA Automotive’s Head of Product Management, Juan Morales. “Ideal for off-road terrain with its spotlight feature, a simple switch transforms the Cube-X into stylish accent lighting once the driver is back on-road, which ensures visibility and safety for oncoming vehicles.”

The Cube-X 2-in-one is easy to install and currently available as a 10-degree spotlight, 20-degree flood and 45-degree super flood. Additional features include:

Rugged aluminum body designed for optimal thermal conductivity
Reverse polarity protection
Tough construction to resist corrosion, rough environments and road conditions
Universal application
The Cube-X 2-in-One is now available at major automotive retailers nationwide, including O’Reilly Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone, and starts at $85.

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  1. Cube-X 2-in-One line is really a great product

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