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Taiwan-based Ledtech sets up new factory in China

Taiwan-based Ledtech sets up new factory in China

By BizLED Bureau

Sep 19, 2016: Taiwan-based LED packaging service provider, Ledtech Electronics, is setting up a new factory in China. The construction of the new factoryis scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016.

The relocation is necessary as the site of Ledtech’s existing factory in China is now rezoned for commercial use, according to the company. Hence, Ledtech is setting up the new factory in the vicinity, and the relocation will be completed by second-quarter of 2017.

LED devices comprise 60% of Ledtech’s consolidated revenues, whereas  lighting products and LED modules account for 40%, the company said.

Taiwan-based Ledtech sets up new factory in China

In case of applications, commercial lighting and project-based lighting solutions comprise 35-40% of the company’s sales, while low-temprature lighting products take up 25-30%, indoor lighting 10% and home-use electric appliances 25%.

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Ledtech witnessed $3.9 million revenue in August 2016, growing 5.73% per month, but declining 8.22% yearly.

LedTech aims to market its products across the worldwide, and hence focuses on linking globally. Devoted to specialization and resource integration, the company aims at enhancing its core competency. It believes that the most important is to carry out the sustainable development and contribution to the society through its strong team work.

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