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Taiwanese networking firms enter LED lighting market

Taiwanese networking firms enter LED lighting market

By BizLED Bureau

June 9, 2016:  Two Taiwanese IT networking firms, Edimax Technology Co. and ZyXEL Communications Corp are set to enter the LED market with smart lighting systems.

Chinru Lin, the vice president of ZyXEL’s smart living business division said that the company is having talks with a European broadband service provider to integrate connected lighting into its offerings.

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The company manufactures a number of home products which include wired and wireless routers, Wi-Fi access points and range extenders for turning power lines into data lines.

ZyXEL is now developing software that will facilitate a service provider to include smart lighting to its feature blend, in an Internet of Things (IoT) push, Lin said.

The company may also partner with a lighting maker to widen its market entry points. Lin said that ZyXEL is becoming more of a software company to aid it in expanding in the IoT and now the company has 10 software engineers for each hardware engineer.

Lin said that software is the value-added to the service provider noting that the company will bind its home gateway into networks connected not merely to lighting but also into sensors that assist check and control motion, temperature, etc.

Taiwanese networking firms enter LED lighting market

 Kevin Huang, vice president of Edimax’s IoT business division said that similarly, Edimax, based in New Taipei City is set to develop an app that will permit home users to control lighting levels via their smart phones, tablets and related gadgets. The company is also working on an OEM smart lighting module for lamp manufacturers, added Huang.

Edimax is expected to operate through a systems integrator who will in turn operate with a service provider or lamp maker .The company already has a smart lighting presence in Japan and is expecting to enlarge to other markets like the US or Europe next year, said Huang.

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The LED lighting moves by these firms indicate a general drift among networking companies, such as giants Cisco and Huawei to make LED lighting an essential part of the IoT.

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