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Taiwan’s OLED display technology dominated largely by AUO and Ritdisplay

Taiwan's OLED display technology dominated largely by AUO and Ritdisplay

By BizLed Bureau

April 1, 2016: It was certain that Apple would be using OLED panels for the iPhone and the trend concerning the development of flexible and bendable displays is also expected. One of the major competitors producing OLED technology is indeed Taiwan; however, at current times, it is only AU Optronics Corporation (AUO) and Ritdisplay that have this production facility, while the other companies have not made noteworthy advancement.

Applying specific technology into realistic development

The verdict may be made about whether or not the company is applying specific technology into realistic development by examining the status of their patent submissions. So far, the panel manufacturers of Taiwan haven’t been very dynamic with regards to the development of OLED technology, read the data released by Taiwan Patent Office.

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The figure indicates the quantity of OLED technology applications proposed by all panel manufacturers in Taiwan. As per the figure, Ritidisplay consists of 175 patents and is the chief panel contributor for the Apple Watch.

Rise of Ritidisplay and AUO

Even though Ritidisplay was the primary manufacturer in Taiwan to have entered into OLED technology and owns majority of the patents, the company hasn’t signed much ink for smart phone OLED panels, and the greater part for their products are intended for wearable device applications. AUO has 102 OLED technology patents, which is the second highest number in Taiwan.

At present, AUO is the sole company who has the production capacity to take care of OLED smart phone panel production, and also the company has conducted research and development on flexible OLED panel technologies. There are even market rumors that Apple’s research and development center in Taiwan is collaborating with AUO on OLED panel technology.

In contrast, Innolux, which is the largest panel manufacturing company in Taiwan, underwent a comparatively weak performance with regards to OLED technology, and this might be linked to the plans of its parent company, Foxconn Technology Group. Foxconn is at present in negotiations to takeover Sharp. If this acquisition goes well, Foxconn is all set to attain Sharp’s OLED technology.

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At number 3, Taiwan’s official research enterprise, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is persistently entering directly into OLED technology, and at present they have put into practice, a technology that licenses partnership with the fourth position company, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. As a consequence of which, Chunghwa Picture Tubes may have the chance to become the Taiwanese company with the third biggest production capacity that provides OLED smart phone panels.

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