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Taj Mahal faces insect threat due to new lighting

Taj Mahal faces insect threat due to new lighting

By BizLed Bureau

Apr 11, 2016:  The illumination of the Taj Mahal has actually attracted a host of insects that are deemed to ruin the marble facades of the magnificent monument.

Greenish-black stains and other issues coming up

The white marble of the Taj Mahal has become stained owing to the greenish-black droppings of the flying insects. This has created a massive cleaning difficulty for the curators. The insect droppings need to be cleaned by hand with the use of distilled water, advised the authorities of the building. However, this can’t be treated as a full and final solution to the increasing issue.

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In spite of the characteristic night-time view of the monument during full moonlight, when its structural design shimmers in all its ornamental magnificence, it is recommended that pressure from the tourist ministry was the reason behind putting up new lightning over the Taj Mahal. Setting up flies in the face of previous studies that revealed that night-time lighting will indeed result in this very issue.

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Bhuvan Vikram, the superintending archaeologist from the Agra Circle of the Archaeological Survey of India confirmed that new lighting shouldn’t be installed in the Taj Mahal.

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