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Terralux low voltage LED spot module for lighting fixtures

Terralux low voltage LED spot module for lighting fixtures
12″ circular LED retrofit

Jan 27, 2017: Terralux, a leader in the design and manufacture of commercial LED lighting products and building control systems, announces the release of two new energy efficient MR16 LED light modules.

The R16D series adapts with minimal design effort to new MR16 lighting fixtures by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). An integrated microprocessor-based control system delivers key features such as LEDSENSE closed-loop thermal control that maximizes light output, while assuring long-term lumen maintenance (L70 >60,000 hours). Integrated Dynamic Transformer Recognition™, or DTR™, allows the use of cost-effective magnetic or electronic halogen transformers and phase-dimmers. The result is superior light levels and light quality, with the reliability demanded by lighting designers for commercial applications – all in a package that can quickly be integrated into existing OEM product lines.

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“R16D is available in two models,” said Paul Pohl, Terralux Product Manager. “Model R16D-A35 includes a high/low mode switch to replicate 35-watt or 20-watt halogen output levels, while the R16D-A50 replicates 50-watt or 35-watt halogen output levels. Both models are true equivalents to MR16 halogen bulbs in terms of form factor, lumen output and Center Beam Candle Power. However, R16D uses five times less energy and provides more than 20 times longer life than halogen bulbs.”

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Designed for use in commercial-grade landscape lighting fixtures, both models are UL Recognized Components and fit comfortably inside most MR16 fixtures that utilize a 2-pin G5.3 connector base. R16D is available in four correlated color temperatures (2700, 3000, 4000 or 5000 Kelvin) and three beam angles (12, 21 or 41 degrees). A 5-year product warranty is standard, even when R16D is used in completely sealed fixtures in commercial, 24/7 continuous run-time applications.

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