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Top five A-line LED lamps of 2016

Top five A-line LED lamps of 2016

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 27, 2017: GLS or A-line LED lamps are picking up in terms of popularity, as they offer several advantages. These are designed to retrofit any normal filament lamp, and are found either in frosted or opal versions, where the filaments are visible. These LED lamps also have the dimmable feature.

Here are some of the top GLS or A-line LED lamps that have better efficacy. Most of these bulbs have 95 lumens/W, and can save energy by 85%.

Crompton LED filament GLS

Crompton has above average efficacy but lower lifespan. It does not dim as low as the other bulbs. It has several versions—5W LED filament GLS dimmable, 5W LED filament candle, 5W LED filament round, etc. These are warm white replacement lamps featuring LED filament technology to closely resemble the look and feel of a traditional incandescent lamp.

GE GLS dimmable

GE lamp is better in appearance and has a large base. It has a longer life than the other brand lamps. However, it does not dim as low others. These can replace incandescent, compact fluorescent or halogen lamps with a 2700K extra warm white LED lamp with wide light distribution (240°) for general lighting. They fit into everyday light fittings and the light comes on the instant you flick the switch.

Ledvance Parathom

Osram’s Ledvance lamp is an efficient lamp, but its diffusing is less than the other lamps. It is an alternative to high voltage halogen lamps, and has very high color rendering (Ra: 90), and very high color consistency: ≤ 4 SDCM dimmable (with many common dimmers.

Philips LED Classic

It is a warm white clear bulb, and has above average efficacy. It dims to a low level, and its colour temperature is around 2,200K. It is a frosted bulb that delivers warm white light while saving around 90% on energy costs. These are a perfect fit for the existing fixtures.

Sylvania ToLEDo Retro A60

Sylvania ToLEDo Retro A60 lamp can dim smoothly, and has better efficacy. It is a clear bulb, and is a A++ Energy rated lamp. This series include A60, Globe, ST64 and Candle lamps, and the complete range has been designed to keep the look and feel of incandescent lamps while offering up to 90% energy savings. All lamps within the range are non-dimmable.

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