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Thiruvananthapuram to sign LED pact with SIDCO

Thiruvananthapuram to sign LED pact with SIDCO

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 19, 2016: Following a delay of almost two years, the Indian city of Thiruvananthapuram in the state of Kerala, is finally set to sign a LED streetlight agreement with Shilpkar Interiors Designers Consultants Pvt Ltd (SIDCO).

 Under the agreement, the city corporation will replace 84,000 traditional streetlights with LEDs in a phased manner. The project will begin with a GPS survey of the existing streetlights across 100 wards of the corporation. This database will help to track errors and channel repair works.

SIDCO will acquire back the current fluorescent streetlights. A suggestion was proposed to give away the old streetlights to nearby panchayats, and, most panchayats were keen on accepting old streetlights.

Under the agreement, the replacement of all the streetlights with LEDs is expected to be completed within a period of nine months. The lack of coverage in a number of areas even with the existing streetlights is another major concern.

Due to the delay in the execution of the LED streetlight project, the city corporation had called for tenders to maintain and replace existing fluorescent lights twice in 2016.

The streetlight plan that was postponed was plagued with delays and controversies, whereasfresh discussions were over a few clauses of the agreement that SIDCO objected to.One of the clauses was that the corporation will have to give money for repairs if the streetlights get damaged after being hit by any vehicle.

The corporation stuck to its position that it will spend money only for damage caused by natural calamities. The SIDCO has agreed to this and some other changes. The contract is likely to be signed soon as the differences are now cleared, according to a city official spokesperson.


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