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Three new IES standards for indoor and outdoor lighting

Three new IES standards for indoor and outdoor lighting

February 4, 2015: The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of North America has published three new lighting standards to help lighting designers, specifiers and manufacturers to understand the lighting specifications for different applications.

The three standards are ?Lighting for exterior environments? (RP-33-14), ?Lighting for parking facilities? (RP-20-14), and ?Approved method for photometric testing of indoor fluorescent luminaires? (LM-41-14).

What the standards define

The two RP (recommended practices) standards will be applicable to solid state lighting (SSL) as LEDs dominate such applications. The testing methods (TM) standard is for fluorescent lighting.

RP standards would help to guide the lighting design engineers to cover a wide range of different applications.

The LM standards will help to define the testing and calculation methods during product manufacturing. It will help to define the performance of components or lighting systems. For example, LM-80 defines the guidelines for the performance of packaged LEDs. LM-79 is used for lamp and luminaire characterization.

Standards for outdoor installations

IES parking facility lighting standard will guide new installations in parking lots. The standard covers outdoor parking lot and garage with roofs. The guidelines will help to optimize safety for pedestrians and vehicles.

The RP standards are for outdoor lighting like sky glow and light trespass and other outdoor lighting installations. It guides on usage of Model Lighting Ordinance.

Standards for indoor installations

The standard for indoor lighting defines test method that enable uniform methods for determining and reporting the photometric characteristics of indoor fluorescent luminaires. For example, LM-41 defines the thermal environment and lighting control installations in which products are tested.

Source: IES

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