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Thriving business opportunity for LED manufactures to grow marijuana ‘legally’

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 11, 2016: LED technology is constantly evolving. With technological breakthroughs, new areas are being charted in fields of lumen efficacy, power efficiency and ease of use.

Thriving business opportunity for LED manufactures to grow marijuana ‘legally’

Taking it to the next level, LED lighting has found its usage in growing ‘legal’ marijuana strictly for recreational or medicinal use.  The process functions in a controlled environment where LED lights facilitate in growing the substance irrespective of physical weather conditions and other unforeseeable challenges. However, the laws for such procedures vary from country to country as every government has articulated state laws over the substance use.

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One such example was of Jonathan Villagomez, who grew up maintaining his family’s yard and tending. At a very young age, he started with the idea of landscaping company before moving into into the IT world. After exploring business possibilities LED lighting, he felt compelled to combine the two.

As one of the pioneers in the segment, Jonathan is a part of the competitive market. He launched a company called Errba Spectrum, who manufactures custom-designed LED lights for those growing marijuana in hi-tech controlled environments. LEDs in the Errba panels can be turned blue, red, white or mixtures of the three colors. This creates a sunlight effect and provides a broad lighting spectrum. At Errba Spectrum, customers get best lighting tools for farming activities.

Production of marijuana for medicinal and other recreational purposes is in nascent stage and capitalizing the opportunity in an LED-controlled environment will garner positive results in future. LED lights play a critical role to create such conducive environment ‘indoors’.

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Currently, LEDs are extensively used ranging from commercial to domestic lighting. Medical healthcare and automobile sector are also the biggest benefactors but horticulture is still an untapped territory. Taking cue from creating business opportunities, our subject developed a 500-watt panel for commercial use. With continuous groundwork and potential sales pitching, a manufacturer in China showed interest to grow marijuana with LED lights. Since then, customers are in line to be benefitted from this technology.

A little known fact here is, NASA holds the distinction of being the earliest adopter of this technology in the 1980s. As LED lights emit less heat and consume less electricity, plants are more likely to survive rather than getting burned with the heat.

According to Bruce Bugbee, professor of crop physiology at Utah State University did a study comparing the most efficient LEDs with other efficient lighting technologies used for plant growth. The results clearly indicated that LEDs save money on electricity bills when compared with other high pressure lights.

Another advantage is the ability to focus light directly on plants and not waste it on other parts of the room makes them worthy.

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