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Tips to convert potential consumers to adopt solar energy

Tips to convert potential consumers to adopt solar energy

By BizLED Bureau

June 27, 2016: Solar is one of the fastest growing renewable sources of energy that everybody seems to be attracted to. However, the main concern is that majority of the customers simply think about buying solar for their homes. The second step of “actually using” it gets forgotten in the long run.

There are almost 10 times as many people who are thinking to opt for solar energy as there are actual buyers. This means that there are a number of people who are still considering solar, thus, indicating that 84% of people are potential consumers.

Solar customers are more than satisfied with their experience, which means that there is huge potential in converting a number of people into solar consumers.

Industry experts, therefore, need to understand the varied reasons behind such a gap so that feasible measures and strategies can be applied to convert such solar considerers into actual solar adopters.

Tips to convert potential consumers to adopt solar energy

In order to penetrate well into the solar market, the industry professionals need to follow some significant rules.

Always keep a record of old leads

Do not throw away leads just because customers don’t seem interested. The cost of installing solar may be a reason behind such move. However, remember that the prices are falling each year, which means that eventually many customers will actually go for solar.

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Use a customer relationship management (CRM) database to manage your leads

Majority of the solar companies don’t have a proper system to track old leads. A CRM application will guide in prioritizing old leads and set regular reminders for periodic follow-up calls. This will also help you retrieve information on the customers in an instant.

Evaluate varied customers’ needs

Take time to discover whether the potential customers prefer to exercise full control over the system or to leave the maintenance entirely on you. If you suggest a product that meets the needs of the customer, there is a huge chance that you will be cracking the deal.

Get independent verification

The current misperceptions with regards to the cost and savings of solar, accelerated by confusing and contradictory claims make it tricky for consumers to recognize credible sources of information. Therefore, potential customers go for verification of installers and contractors by trustworthy independent sources.

Develop sales tactics

As solar becomes more and more mass-market product and service, potential customers will anticipate to be able to shop around and have time to think about their options. Future customers will probably require more time to think or need more justification that what you are promising is rightful.

Think about long term business

A race for a greater piece of the residential solar market can be extremely expensive. Excessively forceful growth plans can bring upon yourself fixed business too quickly, which will only force you to pay more or rush sales for customer attainment.

Happy customers equals to more business

One of the most effective ways to attain customers is referrals. In order to get them, you need satisfied and happy customers, who will be more likely to give positive reviews to their friends and family and serve as references.

Survey and its results

A US Department of Energy program known as Solar Energy Evolution and Diffusion Studies (SEEDS) conducted a survey on a total of 3,592 people out of which, 1,662 were adopters, 589 considerers, and 1,341 homeowners with intention of going solar across New Jersey, Arizona, New York and California. The findings of the survey are listed below

Heated competition may be helpful

When a product is new and inadequately understood by common people as in the case with rooftop solar, heated competition may be helpful. More companies installing rooftop solar will boost customer exposure to solar, which in turn increases the probability of going solar.

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Consumer understanding of the product plays a crucial role

Getting customers to consider solar is either event-driven such as moving to a new house or opportunistic such as installer approaches customers. Money was the major overall driver of interest in and acceptance of solar.

However, others factors are at play which points out those sales translation is a layered procedure that is dependent on customers’ awareness of solar. Those less well-known with solar tend to have more fundamental concerns about the appropriateness of solar for their house, the reliability of photovoltaics, and the correctness of information about solar.

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