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Tips to run LED grow lighting and save energy

Tips to run LED grow lighting and save energy

By BizLED Bureau

Aug 11, 2017: In 2017, Iwasaki Bros., Inc, one of the largest wholesale ornamental growers in the northwest United States, has installed LED toplighting at three growing areas. By switching to Philips LED toplighting, Iwasaki Bros. not only significantly reduced their energy costs but also experienced money-saving improvements in crop growth including faster rooting by 5-7 days; roots grew faster than the tops; and reduced pre-transplant and post-transplant loss. It shares four tips that will help growers use LED lighting more efficiently.

Use amber-tinted safety glasses

While working under red/blue LED lights, it is difficult to see. So looking for insects or diseases can be challenging under these lights. Amber-tinted safety glasses are economical alternative and counteract the red/blue spectrum almost completely.

Install an outdoor PAR sensor

To know what is happening at your grow area, you can use PAR data to determine what at what time of the year and how long you need to run the LED lights. An outdoor PAR sensor also helps to determine how much light is being lost from greenhouse glazing, shade, or hanging baskets.

Operational flexibility can be increased with switches

To control a row of five to 10 lights at one time will help to save energy by turning off portions of the greenhouse as the crop expands and contracts. Having a number of lights on individual switches will also allow you to customize light needs by crop.

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