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Tomato, cucumber, basil grow well under LED lights

Tomato, cucumber, basil grow well under LED lights

By BizLED Bureau

Apr 20, 2017: It is found that tomato plants when grown under LED lighting show 45% increase in height and weight. According to LumiGrow, which has conducted a new research, and has developed LED technology to be used on farms, also found an increase in flowering observed in cucumber plants, as well as a reduction in the spread of powdery mildew, which is a common problem.

Increased flowering rates were also seen in tomato and cannabis plants. The research also pointed out optimum supplemental LED light intensity for strawberry production.

The study report was presented by Dr. Xiuming Hao and Shalin Khosla of Harrow Research and by Dr. Melanie Yelton, who is vice president of research at LumiGrow.

The research found that 32 days after the tomato plants were planted and nourished under LED lights, showed about 45% increase in height and a 28% increase in weight. Improvements in root development, weight, morphology, flowering, and flavour were also noticed.

On the other hand, a basil producer after using LEDs could boost plant growth and also save farm’s energy consumption. Servizi Ambientali Bassa Reggiana, CEO of S.A.BA.R, produces Italian basil. He used red, hyper red and blue LED light in different proportions in the greenhouse to increase basil growth yield. He installed LED system at the farm designed by Osram and Ambra Elettronica, using Oslon LED technology. The new system reduced power consumption by 56%. The basil firm also reduced harvest times by five days and increased the crop production.

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