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Top 10 global COB LED manufacturers in 2015

Top 10 global COB LED manufacturers in 2015

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 19, 2016: The global market for chip-on-board (COB) LEDs will hit US$ 580 million in 2016, and surpass US$700 million in 2021, leading to 4% CAGR, according to a report by TrendForce. This figure includes COB products belonging to ceramic and EMC packagesas well.

Modern technological advances

COB LEDs are mostly used for commercial lighting applications. However, modern technological advances have enhanced the consistency of high-power COB products. Hence, they have now gradually expanded into a variety of outdoor applications like street lighting and lighting equipment for mining sites.

It is likely that COB and high-power LEDs will witness competitive benefits in the high-end lighting applications since they have advantages that mid-power LEDs don’t with respect to design and brightness, the report stated.

Diversity among LED suppliers  

Global LED suppliers provide wide range of COB products. In addition, these products have higher standards with respect to brightness of the light and quality and consistency of products. The suppliers also control the vital IPs linked to COB LEDs. Hence, they have more customers and are selected by leading lighting exporters

In contrast, Chinese LED suppliers provide bargain prices and contain a huge domestic market. In addition, they develop COB LEDs with EMC packages. These products are likely to contribute to the quick development of revenue linked to COB LEDs for lighting applications.

Leading COB LED vendors

Citizen Electronics & Cree

Japan-based Citizen Electronics topped the global revenue position of COB LED suppliers for 2015, quickly followed by Cree, which took the second position. Citizen captured the leading market share with an all-inclusive product line strategy. Both the companies will see major growth in their COB LED revenue in 2016 as they have now made their way towards horticultural lighting market, the report said.

Sharp and Bridgelux

The third position in 2015 COB LED revenue ranking was shared by Sharp and Bridgelux. With dual-color products and valuable patents, Sharp pushed its COB LEDs into the commercial and medical lighting markets. Meanwhile, Bridgelux’s COB products, which are mostly for industrial lighting, are excellent in quality with reasonable price rates.

Lumileds and Nichia

Lumileds and Nichia were tied at fifth place. By significantly expanding their product lines, Lumileds and Nichia significantly increased their COB LED revenues. Both the companies are likely to launch more products in the second half of 2016.


Since 2014, Samsung has been focusing on developing COB products and making inroads in the lighting market. As a result, the company considerably grew its COB LED revenue in 2015 and became the seventh largest supplier in the annual ranking.


China-based LED supplier, Sunpo climbed to eighth place in the 2015 COB revenue ranking due to its strong sales of full-spectrum products for the horticultural application market.

LED Teen

LED Teen always had the focus on developing COB LEDs, and in 2015, it improved its position by successfully launching high-density, high-color rendering COB LED arrays, and took the ninth position.

Luminus Devices

US-based LEDcompany, Luminus Devices, has positioned itself as a topsupplier in the high-end commercial lighting market, and took the tenth position. At present, the company has a production site in Xiamen China. The plant is undergoing capacity growth and will be asignificant revenue contributor.

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