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Top 10 LED lighting companies in India

Top 10 LED lighting companies in India

By Srabani Sen, BizLED Bureau

Nov 26, 2015: The global LED industry keeps an eye on the LED lighting industry in India as it is considered to be one of the most potential markets for LED lighting and one of the fastest growing LED markets in the world.

LEDs as well as LED lighting manufacturers are keen on penetrating the LED lighting market in India as it is forecast to reach $1,457.8 million by 2019, which grew and will continue to grow at a CAGR of 35.9%, during 2014-19.

The LED lighting manufacturers in India are not too happy with the government strategies, and feel that the manufacturing costs are still very high in India as the country lack a proper value chain. However, with recent Union and state governments? initiatives to replace traditional streetlights with LED lights and to encourage LED lighting in homes as well, India will soon have 1 billion energy efficient LED bulbs points across the country. These government initiatives would help LED lighting manufacturers in India to increase their production capacity, which, in turn, will enable them to reduce the final prices of the LED bulbs. In addition, Indian LED bulb manufacturers will get the opportunity to export to overseas markets as well.

Despite all challenges, the top LED lighting manufacturers in India have not only offered new and innovative products from time to time, but also maintained their profit margins year on year. The top LED manufacturers in India like Philips, Havells, Surya Roshni have ramped up their LED production. Syska LED and Eveready Industries have ventured into the LED business of LED lamps, and their production capacity is likely to grow to cater to the demands arising from across pan-India.

Let?s find out how the top LED lighting companies in India are fairing in the market.

Bajaj Electricals Ltd

Bajaj Electricals Ltd offers a wide range of LED lighting systems for home and commercial applications. Bajaj aims at about 20% growth in the lighting business in 2015. It introduced a sub-brand .nxt that aims to help its customers to upgrade to the latest range of LED lights and lighting systems.

Bajaj Electricals expects a strong growth in the market with its new range of products and lighting systems that includes commercial, home lighting as well as street lighting systems.

Eveready Industries India Ltd

Eveready Industries India Ltd is promoting its LED products on a larger scale. It believes that the Indian government?s LED lighting initiatives and decrease in LED lighting prices will lead to the growth of its share in the LED lighting market in India in the next three years. However, the company presently outsources the manufacturing of its LED lighting products. However, Eveready is betting big on its LED lighting business, which it hopes to account for about 30% of its turnover, or around Rs 7000 million, in the next three years.

GE Lighting

GE Lighting offers a wide range of high quality LED products, lamps and luminaries. GE?s 40-watt replacement LED was the world?s first incandescent-shaped LED bulb to earn an Energy Star rating. GE Lighting has developed a new tool, an LED energy-saving calculator to calculate a home?s energy-saving potential by switching to LED lighting. This tool translates energy savings into relatable terms for consumers.

Havells India Ltd

Havells India Ltd had acquired the world-renowned lighting company Sylvania and registered itself amongst the top five lighting companies in the world. Havells entered LED business in 2010 and soon became a leading LED lighting manufacturer in India. Its LED lighting business accounts for nearly a third of its lighting business. It offers a wide range of LED products including downlights, spotlights, commercial lights and streetlights.

Moser Baer India Ltd

Moser Baer India Ltd now offers LED lighting products, and has introduced next gen LED lighting products for the Indian consumers, which includes retrofit, LED tubelights, bulbs, streetlights, downlights and panel lights. It aims to make a mark in the LED market with the help of its rich technology, strong brand recognition in the Indian market, moulding capabilities, and a broad distribution network.

Despite a late entry in the LED market, Moser Baer hopes to capture about 7% market share in the next three years. It expects to have a market of Rs 5000 million by FY 2018-19 with 6-7% market share in India.

Osram India Pvt Ltd

A wholly owned subsidiary of Osram GmbH, Osram India Pvt Ltd, is a leading player in the LED lighting market in India. With its innovative technologies and solutions, Osram has continually opened up new horizons in LED lighting?in offices, factories, homes and on the roads. The innovative range of Osram comprises over 5000 lighting products.

In October 2015, Osram in partnership with Tata Power launched an LED tube light scheme in Indian city Mumbai. Under the scheme, buyers can purchase five LED tube lights for Rs 525 (US $8.11), which is about half of the current average market price of Rs 1,325.

Philips Electronics India Ltd

A subsidiary of Royal Philips Electronics, Philips Electronics India Ltd, is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting in India. It offers a huge range of LED products, which are made with most advanced technology across offices, retail stores, hospitals, industries, commercial establishments and hotels.

In November 2015, Philips lit more than 800 rural villages in Indian state Uttar Pradesh, with 76,000 solar LED street lighting units as part of a government initiative.

Surya Roshni

Surya Roshni, a leading lighting manufacturer, entered into the LED business in 2014, and invested Rs 500 million. It aims to achieve Rs 5000 million from LED lighting business in the next three years. The company will add more investments in this segment in the coming years. Surya Roshni also makes initiatives to create awareness among people about the benefits of LED lights.


Syska has an annual turnover of about Rs 125,000 million in India. It specialises in manufacturing energy saving and environment-friendly LED lighting. The company offers turnkey solutions in designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing LED fixtures for various applications. Syska offers LED lighting solutions with power saving benefits up to 50-70%.


Wipro Lighting, a part of Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting Group, was started in 1992 to manufacture and market lighting products. In line with the lighting trends, it later launched a wide variety of LED lights for the domestic, commercial and institutional segments. Wipro LED lights are designed and tested extensively for Indian conditions.

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