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3 Indian LED products to watch out in 2016

3 Indian LED products to watch out in 2016

By BizLED Bureau

May 13, 2016: The LED market has witnessed a number of technologically advanced and out-of-the-box products in 2016. In this discussion, we will list out the top 3 trending LED products that have become the talk of the industry.

X-Light LED bulb by FIEM

FIEM, the Haryana-based light company has come up with a solution that allows you to change light hues with your smartphone. S Narayanan, the head commercial and international operations of FIEM said that since Bluetooth is more common than Wi-Fi, the company created its own LED solution, usable by anyone and everyone in the nation. Priced at Rs 4,000, this product is a smart bulb known as X-Light that comes with an app and allows users to change the color of the light, schedule on and off time, play games and control the light intensity.

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7W LED Emergency bulb by FIEM

Another innovative technology from FIEM is a 7W LED emergency bulb. The highlight here is that the bulb glows even after power cut.  It comes with an in-built lithium battery which recharges automatically as soon as you connect the bulb to the main power. You can avail this product at a reasonable rate of Rs 500. Narayan said that the bulb takes about eight hours to get fully charged and when there is power cut, the bulb will continue to function for at least four to five hours.

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LED solar lanterns by Enwalk

The solar lanterns are a must-have for those who are into trekking, camping and related adventures. The LED solar lantern solutions are provided by Enwalk, a start-up owned by Pune-based OEM dealer, Arham Electronics and Electricals. The corporation, which used to create solar lanterns for large retailers, has now begun its own range of products. Priced at Rs 590, the Solite 45 is a small but lifelong LED solar lantern that offers up to 10 hours of light. The other solar lantern products include Solite 41, purchasable at Rs 1050 and Brighto 131, priced at Rs 690.

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