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Top 4 reasonable solar applications to help you save money

Top 4 reasonable solar applications to help you save money

By BizLED Bureau

June 14, 2016: It is a mere fact that the cost of installing solar technology is huge Also, the options between traditional silicon panels and – integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) may confuse you all the way. The solution however, is to begin small. Below is a list of top 4 reasonable solar applications to help you save money.

Upgrade your water heater to solar

Solar thermal systems clutch the heat from the sun and hoard it in a fluid. Solar panels soak up the sun’s rays and transfer the light directly into power. Solar thermal technology uses 70% of the sun’s energy, as against the meagre 12% obtainable for use by panels.

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Utilizing a solar thermal system in order to heat your house’s water does not need the acquirement of a new water heater, but can effortlessly be retrofitted to your present one. Such units run between $3,000-$6,000, which is costly, and a sheer fraction of what a big set of panels may cost.

Heat your pool with solar energy

Solar thermal energy heats pools and hot tubs, too. Although black plastic mat systems have been used in the past, their effectiveness is easily weakened by cloudy and cool days.

The new preferred method is using solar thermal energy to heat the water in a closed loop system, which prevents the chlorinated or salt water of the pool or hot tub from entering the unit and compromising its integrity. Because pools and hot tubs are energy guzzlers, using solar energy can add up to huge savings.

Utilize passive solar               

Passive solar is simple to apply when building a new home. This prehistoric method requires that the structure is angled in line with the sun’s position so its heat can be tied together. Materials like stone and concrete on floors maximize this power by absorbing the heat throughout the day and discharging it slowly over the night.

Solar-powered exterior lighting

This is regarded as one of the most popular solar applications of today. Solar fixtures home miniature solar panels that capture energy from the sun throughout the day, store it in batteries and then turn on the light at night using a photocell to identify darkness. These kinds of fixtures offer pathway lighting and night-time safety around your house.

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Solar-powered decorative lights are also accessible. String lights attached at the end to a small solar panel and wrapped around the trunk of a tree or draped along a patio add ambiance to your outdoor space.

Be careful of shade with these exterior lights. If you place this type of lighting in a shaded spot, the panel will not capture the quantity of power required to run the bulbs every night.

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