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Top global LED lighting brands

Top global LED lighting brands

With LED lighting market picking up significantly, major global players are venturing into this domain and developing innovative products to stay in the competition. Here we present the leading LED lighting brands and makers of LED lights, in alphabetical order

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Bridgelux was first to create a mass production process for growing LED chips on silicon substrates?a development that is now coming to market and will lead to significant cost reductions. The company was also a pioneer in developing what is known as chip-on-board architecture, which serves as the basis for improving light quality and colour control. Bridgelux has developed the Vero platform to further drive down the cost of LED light. Bridgelux launched its Helieon LED light system with Molex and won an award for Most Innovative Product of the Year.


Cree is a top LED light manufacturer, and is making energy-wasting traditional lighting technologies obsolete through the use of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting. Cree first brought the blue LED to market in 1989, and today Cree’s XLamp LEDs have exceeded industry standards for brightness and efficiency. In 2008 Cree expanded its product lines into LED lighting applications, such as ceiling fixtures. After pioneering developments in the LED indoor-lighting market, Cree expanded into outdoor lighting in 2011, with the acquisition of Ruud Lighting, a leader in outdoor LED lighting. Since March 2013, Cree began offering LED light bulbs (40-W and 60-W equivalent) for the consumer market.


On October 9, 1962, GE Lighting scientist Nick Holonyak invented the first LED, a device that GE colleagues at the time called ?the magic one? because its light, unlike infrared lasers, was visible to the human eye. %0 years down the line, new, robust and long-lasting LEDs have been incorporated in GE?s products to serve as light sources in countless applications ranging from the mundane to mission critical. In 2010, GE was the first manufacturer to be given ENERGY STAR qualification for the A19-shaped (incandescent-shaped), 9-watt LED that was a replacement for the 40-watt incandescent. In early 2013, GE released its LED to replace the 100-watt incandescent. In the commercial setting, GE offers a variety of LED products, including LED luminaires, LED signage products, LED modules, outdoor LED lighting, etc.


Lemnis Lighting is a Dutch company based in The Netherlands. The company introduced its first LED bulb that can replace an incandescent in a standard socket about four years ago. Through dedicated business units in the fields of home lighting, public lighting, greenhouse lighting and solar lighting, Lemnis markets high quality light. Lemnis offers innovations and customises electronics for LEDs according to the customers? requirements. It has immense proven manufacturing capabilities. Lemnis Lighting and Indian lighting giant NTL Electronics (NTL) have merged their LED activities in a new company called NTL-Lemnis. The new company is fully operational since April 2012, and has its headquarters in the Netherlands.


LG Electronics has launched LED lighting business in North America with the launch of some early products like troffers, downlights, replacement lamps, etc. For commercial office environments, LG offers troffer fixture and a retrofit kit that can be installed into existing troffer housings that previously hosted fluorescent tubes. In March 2014, LG Electronics and Daintree Networks have announced a partnership to spur deployment of wirelessly-connected commercial LED lighting systems that are integrated with building- and energy-management systems. In March 2014, LG have also launched an LED smart lamp, which is rated to last up to 10 years, and has Bluetooth connectivity. This new bulb can interface with a variety of devices including smart phones, tablets and other “smart” devices. phone.


Osram is a leading LED light manufacturer in the world. The company?s portfolio covers the entire value chain from components to electronic control gears as well as complete luminaires, light management systems and lighting solutions. Lamps and lighting systems from Osram provide the basis for a beautiful view of things, ensure safety and comfort, allowing for efficient use of resources. For more than 100 years, osram has been passionate about intelligent light. around the world – as well as sponsoring art and culture at home and abroad.


Panasonic lighting is a leading LED lighting manufacturer. Panasonic brings in new technology to male LED lighting highly effective in saving energy and reducing pollution. With success in Japan, Panasonic is now expanding its LED light business across Asia. It offers its LED lighting products in Indonesia, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and China. It will also develop fixtures that match the individual requirements of consumers in each market. The company is planning showrooms and distribution agreements in each new region. The company plans to double its sales from LED lighting outside Japan in the next three years. The company has also introduced a service for offering lighting plans for residential spaces. Panasonic offers over 200 thousand residential lighting plans annually in Japan.


Philips is a leader in LED lighting manufacturing, and addresses people?s lighting needs across a full range of market segments. Royal Philips, commonly known as Philips is a Dutch diversified technology company headquartered in Amsterdam with primary divisions focused in the areas of healthcare, consumer lifestyle and lighting. As of 2012, Philips was the largest manufacturer of lighting in the world measured by applicable revenues. It offers indoor and outdoor LED lights such as streetlights, car lights, public spaces, residential areas and sports arenas, etc.


Samsung, one of the world?s largest manufacturers of LED chips, and one of only a few companies worldwide that is vertically integrated to provide high-quality standards in every LED product, has started making LED lights with the release of its first LED lighting solutions for the US consumer market. All of Samsung?s LED lighting products offer greater energy efficiency and longer lifespan than incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent bulbs. In fact, Samsung LED bulbs boast an average lifespan of 30,000 to 40,000 hours, which means they can last 27 to 36 years before needing to be replaced. It has also developed a Bluetooth-powered smart LED bulb. Samsung puts the lightbulb’s lifespan at approximately 15,000 hours, or roughly 10 years of use. Samsung’s smart bulb comes in a single colour?white.


Japanese electronics giant Sharp Corporation has been developing LED tech for 40 years. It makes LED lighting products for the US market, for industrial and commercial use. Sharp Electronics Corporation is a US subsidiary of Osaka-based Sharp Corporation. It manufacturers LED downlights, recessed lights, highbay lights, LED lamps, etc.


Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corporation (TLT), headquartered in Yokosuka, Japan, has been transferred to Greenstar Lighting Products in San Antonio, Texas. Now Greenstar is a wholly owned subsidiary of TLT, and will produce LED luminaires under the Toshiba brand. Toshiba LED lighting focuses on lamps and outdoor lighting. Toshiba acquired GreenStar Products, a manufacturer of LED luminaires for roadway, area and canopy lighting applica tions, in 2012. Since then Toshiba has been marketing, selling and distributing the GreenStar products.


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  1. There is one more brand ‘Syska’ which is doing very well in indian market. Company is having only one product which is led light . Both indoor and outdoor , all type of lights in led form. According to company’s report Syska is having 36 percent market share in led segment in india right now and it is increasing every day.

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