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Tunable LED lighting will be the next game changer in LED lighting

Tunable LED lighting will be the next game changer in LED lighting

By BizLED Bureau

September 26, 2015: With LED technology advancing at a fast pace, tunable LED lighting, that seemed to be a far-future concept, is now picking up fast. In fact, tunable white LED light will be the next game changer in LED lighting industry.

Tunable LED lighting are color-changing LED lights that not only help to enhance the ambience aesthetically, but also help you to relax, concentrate, or even improve sleep habits.

Even a year ago, limited varieties of tunable LED lights were available in the market. Back then, there were only dim-to-warm LED lights that could mimic the incandescent and halogen lamps, and dim only to a warm color temperature. But today, you can even get tunable white-point CCT that can not only enhance productivity in school or at workplace, but also optimize retail lighting for merchandise, and even boost patients? wellbeing in hospitals.

How LEDs produce tunable white light

Blue or violet LEDs can excite yellow phosphors easily to produce white light more efficiently. The conventional method of color tuning to white light happens by combining cool and warm white LEDs that can also be individually controlled, like the red, green, and blue LEDs in a full-color LED device. By adjusting the intensities of warm and cool, LEDs can change the color temperature in a tunable white device. The intensity of luminous fluctuates across the tuning range as the module dims from one CCT to another.

Tunable white means a fixture’s ability to change from cool white light to warm white color. Many LED fixtures come in a fixed tone of white light–mostly CCTs of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. But, tunable white fixture offers the ability to shift the tone of the white light, so there is no fixed CCT.

In fact, tunable white can shift the tone of the white light and find the perfect tone for a particular product or space.

Some tunable LED lights that you can choose

Cree offers the CR Series of LED troffers, embedded with SmartCast adaptive control technology. The technology enables a simply-installed lighting system with occupancy-sensing and daylight-harvesting capabilities. CR Series are available in a variety of color temperatures with step, 0-10V, Lutron EcoSystem enabled with Cree SmartCast technology dimming options. CR Series LED architectural troffer delivers up to 5000 lumens of 90+ CRI light while achieving up to 130 lumens per watt. It also offers field-adjustable color temperatures that make smart lighting design a cinch.

Philips Color Kinetics offers IntelliWhite LED lighting systems with a full range of professional tunable white light LED lighting fixtures. IntelliWhite lighting fixtures combine channels of cool, neutral, and warm white LEDs to offer a range of color temperatures that you can adjust with a simple wall-mounted device. By adjusting the color temperature of iW lighting fixtures, from warm (more yellow / red) to cool (more blue), you can instantly alter the emotional effect of a space, and dramatically affect the appearance of objects on display in stores, galleries, and museums. By selecting the appropriate color temperature of your light sources for your environment, you can create the atmosphere you desire, positively influence buyer behavior, and increase productivity in the workplace.

USAI Lighting?s BeveLED 2.0 is available with colour select. This tunable white technology lets your recessed down lights transform the tone of a space. These tunable LED lights have the capability to dim into two different types of white-points?warm glow dimming and color curve dimming. Warm glow dimming mimics the black body curve of an incandescent lamp that can transition from 2700K or 3000K at full power to 2200K at low light levels. Color curve dimming, on the other hand, helps to boost productivity and wellbeing, as it provides whiter 3500K light at full power while warming to 2200K when fully dimmed.

Holi has unveiled a tunable LED-based lighting product?SleepCompanion?that works with smartphone apps via Bluetooth, which improves sleep. The tunable lighting product delivers relaxing light at night and increases the light level in the morning to gently awake the user. The smartphone app can gather data about sleep patterns and the local environment when paired with wearable smart devices. The company said that it uses 20 light sources that imply tunable-white capabilities and hence can deliver colors.

Osram Lightify is a high-efficiency LED lamp, which is ideal for tunable white mode (2,000 – 6,500 Kelvin) and RGB mode with more than 16 million colors. Its Lightify PAR 16 50 tunable white LED lamp is an energy-efficient replacement for 50-watt halogen lamps, with variable white tunable light and a color temperature of 2,700 – 6,500 Kelvin.

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