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Tunable white gets tune-up with METEOR’s new ColorFlip

Tunable white gets tune-up with METEOR’s new ColorFlip

Aug 31, 2017: METEOR reveals the latest technological advance, an innovative ColorFlip™ tunable white light engine. The ColorFlip has the highest light output in the market at up to 10,000 lumens throughout 2700K6500K. This practical tunable white solution provides flexible lighting for multiple occasions, without sacrificing output or going over project budget. Utilizing the latest flip chip LED technology, the ColorFlip delivers superior heat management as well as lowest thermal resistance, it results in higher performance from all fixture components. METEOR’s ColorFlip technology allows for 70% more heat dissipation and lumen output than other LED technologies.

METEOR’s proprietary control unit and driver technology allows the ColorFlip to bring compatibility with every existing control system, eliminating the need for expensive, standalone control systems. As with all of METEOR’s fixtures, the ColorFlip employs VX Driver that eliminates flickering when using video recording devices. With the ColorFlip lighting designers takes total control of the color temperature even after lighting fixtures are installed. Color temperature no longer needs to be decided during planning stage, field adjustable CCT is possible with METEOR’s newest development – ColorFlip.

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While traditional tunable white solutions require doubling the number of LEDs to equal the output of single-color lights, ColorFlip’s unique design and proprietary control board delivers maximum lumen output during color tuning. At only 20% more per fixture, there’s no doubling the budget to meet output requirements. From large-scale projects like convention centers, to multipurpose rooms in community centers, METEOR’s ColorFlip technology answers to all color tuning requests.

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METEOR’s new ColorFlip tunable white solution will apply to 4” and 6” cylinder and recessed downlight in September 2017.

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