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Turn your LED floor into a tool for informing and inspiring people

Turn your LED floor into a tool for informing and inspiring people

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 4, 2017: Now, your flooring can be made very interesting with LED lights. If you are into hospitality business, then you would want to make your mark on the visitors and guests by turning the floor into a tool for informing and inspiring people.

Philips has made the future of flooring look brighter with its LED-enhanced ‘Luminous Carpets’. Philips has been working on this concept since 2013, when it had partnered with a high-end European flooring manufacturer Desso.

Luminous Carpets combine Philips Lighting LED technology with Desso carpets. These carpets are durable, yet stylish.

Innovative application areas

These LED carpets, seen in American airports, direct travelers to their gate or to baggage claim. These carpets are also seen in hotels, theaters, expos, and business settings.

Besides, directional applications, these carpets serve an informative purpose as well. For example, in Berlin, a publisher installed Luminous Carpets at the main entrance, and used them to display the website’s newsfeed, event announcements, and welcome messages for guests.

These LED carpets can be used as safety applications, for situations when the usual signage may be obscured by smoke.

Requires intensive installation

The Luminous Carpets require intensive installations, and a connection with a power source. These bright displays can work with by a touch of your smartphone or tablet.

These smart carpets can fit into the building architecture without disrupting essential processes, like cleaning. LEDs are embedded into strong units that also protect the lights from any spilt fluids. These are then built into high quality carpets, specially developed for the purpose.

Luminous Carpets can be installed into your floor and connected to your electrical and IT infrastructure. They then sync with the building management system and run pre-programmed light displays.

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