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Two new RGB laser light source modules developed

Two new RGB laser light source modules developed

By BizLED Bureau

Nov 29, 2016: With the aim to expand the application of visible light laser diodes, Japanese researchers from Osaka University and Shimadzu Corporation have developed two new types of RGB (Red, green and blue) laser light source modules, which include an ultra-miniaturized model and a first-rate high-brightness model.

As a part of their NEW Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) project, the researchers demonstrated the efficiency of these laser modules on actual devices. Additionally an industry-university association coordinated by Osaka University has been established to develop guiding principles for security and connected issues concerning the new light sources.

The consortium has plans to support new industrial applications in the future by continuing activities associated with practical use and distribution of the technology, supporting international standards development as well as promoting awareness of the guidelines.

Laser light superior to LEDs?

As a result of an assessment of these laser modules by embedding them in devices from nine equipment makers, the lasers were revealed to be superior to other light sources such as LEDs in varied categories such as miniaturization, energy-saving performance and color gamut.

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With the special characteristics of these lasers, the researchers expect a wide range of potential applications from use in small-sized electronic devices such as smartphones and tablet devices to big video systems such as theaters at the scale of tens of meters and projection mapping and aim to apply the technology in these devices.

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With the aim to address laser-specific challenges and safety issues that are required be solved for practical use and distribution of the technology, the Consortium of Visible Laser Diode Applications established by Osaka University in 2014 recently developed performance standards and security and consistency guidelines for RGB laser light source modules to give the foundation for the application of visible light laser diodes.

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